Solid state Disk on module (DOM) store

The solid state disk on module (DOM) is a storage device based on flash memory technology, which emulates an ordinary magnetic hard disk. The DiskOnModule is a
solid-state solution for IDE Hard Disk drive, which has no mechanical moving parts.
That provides a good stability in a moving system. Just plug the DiskOnModule into the IDE slot and play it.

DOM is 100% compatible with the Standard IDE interface or SATA/ SATA II, this unit works exactly like a standard hard drive but significantly increasing reliability and improving data access speed performance, without any noise.

Disk On Module (DOM) Features:
- Shock resistant anti-vibration
- High performance, compact Design, space saving
- No additional BIOS and OS modification
- No additional or proprietary software.
- Supports OS: Linux, FreeBSD, VxWorks ,Windows NT, Win95/98/2000/XP, Win CE,DOS    6.22, QNX, RTOS etc

Atacom carries different types of industrial and commercial DOMs for our customer needs. The commercial type can be used to in 0C to 70C; the industrial type can be used in -40C to 85C. Both are compatible with regular 40/44 pin IDE, USB, and SATA. They can be used just like regular hard drive without any special drivers or BIOS settings. Disk On Module is a solution for the computers which operate under high vibration environment because it does not require mechanical moving parts to read write data (which regular hard drives do). In addition, because there are no mechanical moving parts in DOM drives, they will not produce any noise at all.

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